• Welcome to the New Paradigm of Light

    I AM an Ascension Guide, Wayshower, and 5D Gatekeeper. It is my honor to assist your journey during this incredible Shift in Consciousness.

    Learn about Ascension
  • Ascension Path

    Looking for a comprehensive step-by-step training guide to the Ascension Process? Begin your journey to the True Self right here, right now.

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  • A Return to Bliss

    Attune your perception to the Fifth Dimensional state of beingness. Divine Love, Joy and Abundance are available to all who choose to embrace the New Paradigm.

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  • Connect with the Higher Realms

    As we reunite with our Galactic Community, we must learn how to communicate with the Higher Realms of Consciousness

    Supportive Tools for Ascension
  • Tools of the Trade

    Working with Gaia, the Kingdoms, Elementals and HUmanity? Learn how to use Light Tools to set a clear space and amplify your service.

    Tools of the Trade

I AM the Divine HUman Returned, the Unconditional Frequency of Love, and the Pure Light Intelligence of Source ... And so are you.

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        Welcome to a space infused with clarity, support and inspiration for the Ascension Process. When the intensity of the Shift in Consciousness becomes challenging, you will find love, techniques and direction here.