Meet Sandra

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper who serves the Light Intelligence of Source and the Shift in Consciousness on Gaia.

As an Interdimensional Liaison since 1999, Sandra assists awakened HUmans through writings, videos and creations focused on the Shift, and the comprehensive Ascension Path online training class. As a Master Gatekeeper, Sandra receives regular Ascension updates from a diverse, benevolent collective of Higher Dimensional Beings in service to the Ascension. This includes the Gateway passages for energetic shifts, strong influxes of Light, Solar activity, timeline divisions and related cosmic events. She is not associated with any group or organization.

Sandra shares information as a contactee and pure conduit to empower, inspire and accelerate the Ascension of HUmanity. She is a published author, certified Life Coach, artist and Energy Healer. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.

About Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers serve Source and the Ascension by opening and maintaining interdimensional Gateways. These high-frequency portals such as Sacred Sites, Vortexes, Ley Lines and the New Earth Grid systems link this dimension with the higher dimensions, the SUN, Galactic Center, the Great Central Sun and ultimately back to Source. Gatekeepers are called to serve via pre-incarnational agreement and a deep dedication to Gaia and HUmanity.

Some Gatekeepers are called to consistently travel, some are assigned to a specific gate or gates. Gateways open energetic passageways for the New Light frequencies to enter, revealing and accelerating the experience of higher consciousness.

Gatekeepers themselves hold codes and sacred templates which enable Ascension frequencies to pass through the Galactic Center, Solaris (the SUN) and into Gaia and other planets. They serve as conduits for the New Light, and typically serve a specific area of the planet. Master Gatekeepers are capable of interacting with Cosmic Stargates which traverse Solar systems, Stars, Galaxies and Universal layers.

Most Gatekeepers have a bold initiation experience to provide clarity for their mission. It is a fully conscious role that continues to expand based on what the collective consciousness can receive.


Many are experiencing deep life-changing shifts with Sandra’s work. Read recommendations of the Ascension Path online class on the Testimonials page.

Guidelines for Sharing Sandra’s Work

Thank you for spreading the Ascension guidance provided on this site. Please note: Articles posted on this site are the original work and copyright of Sandra Walter.  You may share Sandra’s articles and videos on your website or blog in unedited format with a credit to Sandra Walter and active link to the original posting on this website. Quotes or edited content are not allowed without written consent of Sandra Walter. Sharing any content of the Ascension Path online class is prohibited.

Gratitude Donations

This mission operates on collective support. 80% of Sandra’s services are provided free of charge. If you find this work helpful to your journey, please support New Paradigm endeavors by making a donation.