Ascension Path: Annual Updates Complete

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The annual updates to Ascension Path are complete! Class participants: Here is the menu, so you may see what is new or where updated material has been added. Login to explore the New!

*** Indicates Added or Updated Materials

Module 1 The Ascension Process
Unit 1 Welcome to Ascension Path***
Unit 2 Gaia, Solaris and The Golden Race
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Pure Intention
Unit 4 Process Check: Making the Choice to Ascend

Module 2 The Body Consciousness
Unit 1 The Body Consciousness and Multidimensional Structure
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Commands and Decrees
Unit 3 PDF: Basic Commands
Unit 4 Body Side-Effects, Detox and Activation
Unit 5 Meditation: Expansion Journey
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Charging Food/Water with Christed Light
Unit 7 Circuit Balancing***
Unit 8 Process Check: Body Consciousness

Module 3 Lower Level Transmutation
Unit 1 Clearing Beliefs, Shadows, Wounding and Emotions
Unit 2 PDF: Lower Level Contract
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Agreements in the Now
Unit 4 PDF: Divine Gratitude Stream
Unit 5 Meditation: Divine Neutrality
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Visualization & Light Grounding
Unit 7 PDF: Ascension Invocations***
Unit 8 Process check: Lower Levels

Module 4 Unconditional Love
Unit 1 Unconditional Love
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Heart Coherence
Unit 3 Heart Center Activation
Unit 4 Mastery Skill: Neutrality & Discernment
Unit 5 Process Check: Unconditional Love

Module 5 Activating Higher Senses
Unit 1 Mid-Path Check In***
Unit 2 Torus Spin and Crown Opening***
Unit 3 Activating Higher Senses
Unit 4 Using Creativity as a Bridge
Unit 5 Mastery Skill: LightBody Expansion
Unit 6 Sacred Space, Crystals, Clearing Energy
Unit 7 Feminine-Masculine Magnetics
Unit 8 Process Check: Higher Senses

Module 6 Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 1 The Tube Torus and Ascension Column***
Unit 2 Meditation: Torus Expansion Practice***
Unit 3 Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 4 Mastery Skill: Surrender
Unit 5 Meditation: Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Downloading from the Crystalline Grid
Unit 7 Process Check: Merging with the Higher Self

Module 7 Solar Cosmic Christ
Unit 1 Solar Cosmic Christ Embodiment
Unit 2 The Christic Path of Ascension***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: The Creator Breath
Unit 4 Meditation: Christ Light Expansion***
Unit 5 Meditation: Unifying 12 Divine Aspects
Unit 6 DNA Activation
Unit 7 Meditation: DNA Activation***
Unit 8 Process Check: Solar Cosmic Christ

Module 8 Timeline Manifestation
Unit 1 Timeline Manifestation
Unit 2 Meditation: 5D New Earth Journey
Unit 3 Process Check: Timeline Manifestation

Module 9 Mission and Service
Unit 1 Mission and Service
Unit 2 Meditation: Solar Meditation***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Soul Release
Unit 4 Process Check: Mission and Service

Module 10 Star Family
Unit 1 Star Family
Unit 2 Galactic Interaction***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Telepathy
Unit 4 Process Check: Star Family

Module 11 Gateways and Gridwork
Unit 1 Gateways and Gridwork
Unit 2 Process Check: Gateways and Gridwork

Module 12 Embodiment and Self-Realization
Unit 1 5D/6D Transcendence
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Staying Conscious in our Mastery***
Unit 3 Meditation: Multidimensional Merge Practice
Unit 4 Embodiment of the Christ: Experiences***
Unit 5 Process Check: Embodiment and Self-Realization***

Module 13 Gratitude and More Guidance
Unit 1 A Successful Ascension process***
Unit 2 Gratitude and Guidance

Module 14 Connection Calls
Unit 1 Connection Call Replays & Topic Listing

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Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.