Ascension Q&A Call with Sandra: April 2nd at 6pmPDT

The Ascension Course monthly Q&A call is Wednesday, April 2nd at 6pmPDT. We have some great questions already, and the message for April is powerful.

– The call will be recorded and a replay available on the Course site immediately after the call.
– Call-In instructions are posted in Module 14.
– Send questions to my email or ask live on the call.
– A light-encoded message regarding the Cosmic Christ energies will begin the call, please focus and join on the hour.

Please note: Two new meditations have been added to the Course:
Module 2: The Light Amplification and Solar Cosmic Christ activation which I made for Equinox. Many (including myself) are having great results with this meditation. Use it often.
Module 6: A Unifying 12 aspects of Self mediation has been added.

Many blessings to all ~ I look forward to connecting with you!
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About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.

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