Emotional clearing and creativity

Artists are always searching for ideas, inspiration and ways to open up creative flow. Recently I took a step in my spiritual awakening that directly affected my creativity … again. It seems every step along this path of enlightenment strengthens my connection to creativity. Creation and unified consciousness are so closely intertwined with each other, […]

The creativity dilemma: breaking the habit of low-energy thought

An epidemic is occurring in our country; creativity is on the decline and battling for its survival. Cuts in funding for the arts, standardization in schools, and modifications in our national priorities have caused creativity to be at an all-time low. Europe saw this decline and made immediate amends to try and improve the situation, […]

You are not your fears.

Fear is an obsessive monster. Fear warps the mind with a sense of weakness. Fear sustains a feeling of powerlessness and enforces self-protection. Fear devours more and more of your mind, disconnecting you from perspective, compassion and higher thoughts. Fear keeps you in an incessant loop of righteousness to protect you from illusionary evils. Fear […]

Je ne regrette rien

In the volume of stories about unexplored dreams, Grey Gardens serves well as a cautionary tale. The public fascination with the bizarre life path of the Beales is legendary. The 1975 documentary of a mother and daughter living in their decaying East Hampton home is both curious and heartbreaking. The made for TV film (which […]

Creating with Intention

I’m finishing up my Etsy shop makeover and am very excited to reveal the new look and content. The shop will focus on creating with intention, with the first series of paintings infused with visualizations for healing the Gulf oil spill. This is the first time I’ve shared the direct intentions behind my paintings. As […]

Creative event planning

Why are creative expositions so uncreative? I expect corporate workshops and business expos to be dull. No one challenges them to be interesting, and the status quo keeps most of the itineraries mediocre. But why is the Chicago Creative Expo so boring? The event is organized as many other “expo” type events. Several rooms are […]