Wayshowers and the great unknown

As a Wayshower, I live very simply to demonstrate how little is needed to create a lifestream of pure service. All of the reasons people use to explain my boldness as a Wayshower – she must have a partner, be wealthy, own a house, have rich supporters – are met with the truth; I AM doing this without any of those things. The Wanderer-Wayshower lifestyle is not for everyone, it can be difficult, however it has realigned me with my True Self.

Growing organically with the support of like-hearted individuals

True Wayshowers walk into new territory to prove that survival, fear and limitation are illusions. We make it easier for others to face their challenges by going ahead on the path first. Currently 80% of my work is free to the collective. It may be an unsustainable busy-ness plan, however I feel we must learn to support each other as best we can. The transformation of our consciousness and society demands that we direct our energy and funds into progressive endeavors which assist others.

I also feel good communicators and heart-centered teachers/leaders/Wayshowers ought to be supported by the Tribe whenever possible, since our work challenges the status quo and leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of nonsense. If the work assists your journey, you simply honor it with an exchange. That exchange can be spreading the work which resonates (for some, sharing this work is a huge step in their spiritual coming out). If you have financial abundance to share, it is greatly appreciated for grounded support.

Currently I do all of this on my own, which limits what I can produce for the collective. Let’s change that. Your assistance, referrals, or financial support to hire creative folks to help me is welcome. Technical assistance is always needed; graphic designers, video assistance, web creators, transcriptionists, online admin help, editors and co-creators are welcome to connect with me.


Monetary contributions are graciously accepted via Paypal, Western Union, or snail mail. Please use the Contact form to receive a current mailing address. I must decline material things, as I do not have a house.

Please use the button below to make a donation. (No PayPal account needed). Please do not set up recurring payments. Blessings for your support!