Events with Sandra this week

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Please join me this week for our group events!

Unity Meditations: Tap into the collective HUman Heart grid on Wednesday, June 8 at 8:11am PDT, 11:11 am PDT and 5:11pm PDT. These are very strong activations; we are revealing what our collective Christed Self is bringing forth. More details HERE

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey: Thursday, June 9 at 3pm PDT. This will be a live show discussing the current energies and our Ascension Path. Register here for this free event:
You will get an email from Lauren Galey for the show 2 hours before the event and can listen to replay anytime.

Blessings for a beautiful week!

In Love, Light and Service,





About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.