Events with Sandra

SUNday Global Unity Meditations
The Light tribe unifies as One force of Source at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PDT every SUNday. Join us for 30 minutes as we amplify the HUman Heart grid and Ascension for all. See this page in the free tools section for details and a free Christ Light guided meditation download.



Straight Talk for the Soul
Teleconference with Cari Murphy
April 27 at 5pm PT
Join Sandra and Cari for a live teleconference on Ascension!
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Galactic Connection
Interview with Alexandra Meadors
May 12 at 10am PT
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LIVE event in Boulder, Colorado with Lauren Galey

SUNday, May 21, 2017
1pm – 4:30pm MDT
Join Sandra and Lauren for a live Ascension event in Boulder!
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Ascension Path Online Series available 24/7
Sandra’s life-changing class in Ascension!
Ascension Path is available anytime you choose to take your process to the next level.
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Private Sessions with Sandra
Guidance for those participating in the Ascension process
Sessions are available in between Gateways, see the
Session Page for details.