Events with Sandra

SUNday Global Unity Meditations
Every SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PDT .
Join thousands for 33 minutes as we co-create peace, harmony, healing and Ascension.
See this page in the free tools section for details and free guided meditations.


Ascension Path Online Series available 24/7
Sandra’s life-changing class in Ascension!
Ascension Path is available anytime you choose to take your process to the next level.
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Wednesday, September 19
Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey
Join us for a LIVE High-Vibe conversation about
embodiment of our Divine Self and the experience
of Christ Consciousness.

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Friday, November 16
Straight Talk for the Soul with Cari Murphy
Join us for a supportive heart-opening conversation on Ascension.
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Private Sessions with Sandra
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