I AM Message ~

maia Some reflections on this message ~

Insatiable: Impossible to satisfy, or ever-expanding? Perhaps they mean both. It feels like Source is on a search for absolute clarity after digging into the depths of separation. The rewrite of this Universe is supposed to include an exploration of absolute brilliance. A refreshing shift.

Note they said *the holographic liberation of MAIA* – not MAYA. They speak of the star itself, indicating that the templates imprinted upon Gaia from Maia (Pleiades), which were designed to heal that star system’s distortion, are now complete in their task. That is huge for the Galactic rewrite. Let us remember that we are healing much more than our planetary/kharmic issues here. This is what I meant by creating a Galactic Legacy – we are changing everything through our dedication to light right here, right now.

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Blessings to all of us during this amazing passage!


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