Day 5 of the final wave of the Mayan Calendar

In my previous article on Carl Calleman, I explained that the Mayan calendar tracks the evolution of consciousness over the last 16 billion years.  Now we are in the final wave of the last step of the list amazing pyramid of consciousness.  We reach the top of this pyramid/end of the calendar on October 28, […]


After the hyper-clearing triple eclipses of June and the amplifications during July, it should be obvious to most lightworkers that we’re being stripped of the last bits of ego, fear and self judgment. My divine entourage arranged for me to be alone for the past five days, during which I’ve done a fasting cleanse and […]

Lightworker Frustrations

You have probably seen enough What is a Lightworker or Are you a Lightworker articles to last through the Shift. For my purposes here, I AM referring to the people who find assisting humankind and the Earth an irresistible, insatiable drive in their lives. Once awakened, the urgency to help raise the vibration of the planet and her […]

Ascension Symptom Remedies

The symptoms of the Ascension process mentioned in my previous posts are adjustments and attunements occurring in the body, mind and spirit. Not everyone will have the same symptoms, because no two beings have the same journey. It’s a very individualized process, based on past journeys, family monads, kharmic realms, genetic monads, agreements, missions and […]

Accelerated Ascension Symptoms

In my last post I listed basic ascension symptoms, and the reason why we are experiencing these changes in our bodies and lives. They are the wake-up call symptoms; the aches, pains and sensations that often go misdiagnosed or misunderstood. The good news is, you can blast through many of the initial symptoms by becoming […]

Ascension Symptoms: changes in mind, body and spirit

Over the next few articles we’ll explore: – Basic Ascension Symptoms – Accelerated Ascension symptoms – Levels of the process and what to expect – What you can do to lessen the severity of symptoms – Lightworker issues and how to assist through the Shift The Ascension process is the union of our higher and […]

Eclipses, Flares and Solstice energies

June is a triple eclipse month, and the Summer solstice, and the beginning of a very active period of solar flares and CMEs. Combine all of that with the unique astrological alignments and a speed-up in frequency since end of May, and you’ve got a very transformative month unfolding. June 1 – New Moon Solar […]

How to get past the ANGER: Part II

In Part I of this series, I discussed the anger that may arise when one first has an awakening, why it is there and why this is happening to us now. Let’s be clear: awakening is not discovering secret agendas or fear-based plans to destroy the world. Awakening is not becoming aware of manipulation. It […]

What to do with the anger: Part I

We suspected this might happen. More people are waking up, realizing something is very wrong with the world, and the first emotion they feel is anger. If this is you, don’t worry. Those of us walking on the ascension path remember being angry, and we’ll walk you through it as fast as we can. You […]

GeoCosmic beauty: the art of Fred Rusher

I get many compliments on one of my pendants, and I’d like to share the source of this beautiful piece. GeoCosmic Arts is the online shop of artist and woodworker Fred Rusher. Fred converts photographs of intricate crop circle designs and sacred geometry into digital images for his laser woodcarving machine. The amount of detail […]