What is fear, where did it come from?

If we are truly love, then why is there so much disharmony here? Why do we create this – beyond the typical answer of “the game” or “the experience”? Join me for a discussion of fear energetics, the races it influences, our galactic entanglement with this energy and why we continue to agree with its […]

Lightserver Dreams and the Convergent Loop

We’ve often heard the Universe referred to as a dream. The Tao references reality as a dream of the Creator; change the dream, change the reality. Our dreamtime is a workspace for integration of knowledge from higher dimensions. Our dreamtime journeys are very active now; sometimes a lucid 4D experience, sometimes far beyond that realm. […]

Resonance. Knowing. Discernment.

Resonance. There is a big market for inner guidance during the Shift. Read that again: a big market for inner guidance. Teaching people to connect with themselves is ironic, isn’t it? We’ll laugh about it after the Shift. Meanwhile, many want to master their inner skills as we reunite with our true beingness. People are […]

Symptoms Update & Next Broadcast

The energies anchored during the Equinox/New Moon last week provided a boost to the calm, still crystalline energies. Our knowing is amplified; that core truth and direction a lot of folks have had trouble with. It’s paired with an alertness brought on by the magnetic storms and the Sun’s transformation. Use discernment with your mood […]

Sunday’s show: “Spiritual Coming Out”

Join me on BlogTalkRadio Sunday, March 25 at 4pmEST for “Spiritual Coming Out.” Authenticity is a vital element in the Ascension process. So why are so many lightworkers hiding their light? Learn why “coming out” about your spirituality and awakening is so important during the Shift. It’s not as difficult as you think! Join me […]

New ebook: What is happening to my friend?

A brief introduction to the awakening phenomenon for family, friends and colleagues of the awakened As an Ascension Counselor, I consistently hear about the frustration and heartbreak of the awakening phenomenon. Its effect on relationships can be difficult, especially with family or friends. When two people see reality in completely different ways, it’s hard to […]

March Amplifications

The last days of February brought in a huge surge of new energies and downloads, after an unusual attunement disguised as illness. These are BIG changes being experienced by many of us on the Ascension path. Let’s take at look at the chronological progression of the last few months. November 11, 2011 – Return of […]

End game: Self-Love Manifestation

In my last article Self-Love: a key to transformation, I discussed the demands of these new frequencies on the lifestreams of the awakened. If everything is coming apart lately, you’re on pace with the Shift. Anything which does not assist your ascension path is being removed. This energy reveals all the deep, dark places where […]

Self-Love: a key to transformation

Anyone can accomplish the love of something external. Friends, family, lovers, partners, pets, God, places, careers, homes, plants, hobbies and things outside of ourselves are easy to love. But when these things are stripped away, as many of us are experiencing during the ascension process, we get to take a look at the ultimate lesson […]

The I AM messages

Last year I began the “I AM” messages on my Twitter stream. Each I AM message has “And so are you” after it, which I have edited out here for repetition’s sake. Te I AM messages are an effort to dissolve separation and end polarity; to REmind us that we are everything we perceive, everything […]