Multidimensional creativity

The experience of multidimensionality has greatly influenced my life and creativity. Delving into the unknown revealed a vast interconnected and creative expression; the complexity of the Self is astounding.  Integrating the awareness of simultaneous existences is an ongoing pursuit. The frequency of my Higher Self expressed in my art forms is now creating my life […]

Contract for the Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels

The new paradigm – the great unknown – is terrifying to the denser levels which took over during the old paradigm. The ego, mind and emotions want to keep us safe, they want to survive. But they don’t have the skills to shift instantly into the new paradigm. If you desire a higher dimension with […]

Ascension Symptoms Update

January has been rough on many awakened ones, and the solar flare activity gave us a preview of what this year’s integrations will be like. If you are having a tough time, know you are not alone in this experience. Let’s remember that a dimensional shift is a rare circumstance.  Expecting a huge jump in […]

Creating the New Service

Each of us has an energy signature; a unique vibration which identifies who we are in the Universal community. This signature resonates with the soul, the higher dimensional you. It carries information about your expression, all that you have experienced in many different dimensions and galaxies. This special vibration that is you – the true […]

Retraining the Lower Levels

The first half of this year is about stepping into our Mastery. Because we are experiencing not knowing in the ego, mind and emotional levels and all-knowing on the higher levels, it creates a vibrational mis-match which may cause panic, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming, and we might resist the guidance of […]

Clearing: getting out of the darkness

The current phase of clearing is giving many lightworkers and awakened souls a difficult time. I explained why this is happening in my Return of the Christ article, and I’ll expand on it here. Photonic light is a very refined, beautiful substance. It’s high frequency penetrates every particle of our being with its evolutionary mission: […]

Anticipating the 2012 transformation

Blessings to all of us as we enter this highly energized year of 2012. The anticipation of personal and global transformation are heightened to a frenetic level right now, and it is important to disconnect from that collective anxiety as often as you can. Thought forms are zipping around, some in panic, some in dread, […]

The return of the Christ

We have received the long-awaited return of crystalline consciousness. The light which came in through the 11/11/11 gateway was THE crystalline light structure known as “Christed” light – the divine light structure that will transform ourselves and our beloved Gaia back to our Christed status. This light has anchored itself within the core of the […]

Fear of the Self as God

One of the larger hurdles of the Shift is embracing the truth that we are Source. We understand the concept that we are all fragments of Source, but when it comes to consciously creating our reality, many of us struggle with ownership. We say, “I am all that is” one moment, and question why the […]

Division of realities and the jump in frequency

During the 11/11/11 alignment window, Gaia was able to make a major increase in frequency. This means she is now holding the vibration of crystalline, or Christed light, within her core; a divine step in her ascension process. As beings experiencing life on Gaia, the population of Earth will now be able to maintain that […]