Symptoms, strange phenomenon and preparations

We’re in the final five weeks leading up to the first wave of ascension, and the final days of the Mayan Calendar as well. Just 3 weeks until the October 28, 2011! Symptoms and phenomenon of the October energy Shift Some days may feel like suspended animation; a side effect of the collapse of time […]

Equinox and the last Night of the calendar

Night 6 of the Mayan Calendar – the last night  – begins September 23 and lasts through October 10. Nights are about integration, and this last Night represents our last chance to integrate what we have awakened to: unity consciousness, applied on the deepest levels of our global consciousness. The calendar brings energetic support for […]

Support and clarity for the Ascension Process

I am deeply grateful to be an Ascension Counselor during this amazing time. To be a busy Ascension Counselor is even more of a blessing; it is miraculous to see so many awakened souls asking for more and seeking answers to their Higher Self’s desires. The Ascension Process is beautiful and is getting downright intense. […]

The Blue Kachina: how much can you handle?

Blue Kachinas, Comet El Enin, and Feathered Serpents arriving Humans love a good story as well as a perceivable sign of promise, and the magic time of comets, stars and end of days is here at last. But this window of time is not about seeing these symbols in the external world. These long-prophesized symbols […]

The Division of Worlds

During the last week of August a few amazing and powerful things unfolded in my ascension process. One of them was so significant that I couldn’t write about it right away. Part of me didn’t want to appear more advanced than my colleagues, and part of me was shaken by the experience and wanted to […]

Agreements & Spiritual “coming out”

Our rapidly evolving consciousness will not believe another dark manipulation as it did with 911. A fake alien/false God scenario won’t work unless we agree to it. How does that happen? Did we agree to 911? Of course we did, and we did it via loopholes in our free will. Note: References to 911 have […]

Night 5: Destruction clears the path to freedom

You are magnificent, you can handle all of these changes and more. Night 5 begins tomorrow (August 18 – September 4) and the Sun is broadcasting even stronger evolutionary light waves. Night 5 is themed destruction so stay aware of what brings up any vibration of fear or worry. What is left to move up […]

Day 5 of the final wave of the Mayan Calendar

In my previous article on Carl Calleman, I explained that the Mayan calendar tracks the evolution of consciousness over the last 16 billion years.  Now we are in the final wave of the last step of the list amazing pyramid of consciousness.  We reach the top of this pyramid/end of the calendar on October 28, […]


After the hyper-clearing triple eclipses of June and the amplifications during July, it should be obvious to most lightworkers that we’re being stripped of the last bits of ego, fear and self judgment. My divine entourage arranged for me to be alone for the past five days, during which I’ve done a fasting cleanse and […]