Taking back your creative power

If any niche of our society has the potential for authentic leadership and active problem-solving, it is the creative minds. Creative people have the gift of perspective; the ability to approach any subject from different angles in order to find an authentic expression. This enables compassion, which is the key to communities that benefit everyone […]

vibration = vibration

Every time you expand your consciousness a little further, raise your vibration a little higher, you assist the collective. vibration = vibration

The Gratitude Stream

My twitter stream has turned into a outlet for my messages.  I open up the vortex and type as it flows through. The Gratitude stream expresses thanks for everything; every lesson on the journey, every player, manipulation, frustration, joy and sorrow. The only way to neutralize suffering is to stop resisting, drop the judgments, integrate […]

Another leap in the Shift

The Shift made another leap last week, and many lightworkers and wayshowers were guided to get out there and shine their light. Translation: many awakenings are happening and there’s more chaos on the way, please get on it. After a long March of clearing (more like a long triathlon), then receiving the new, new, new […]

Universal Underworld – Day 2

We are entering Day 2 of the last seven days of the Mayan Calendar. The Universal Underworld or Unity Wave, is a short nine months. Each day lasts 18 days, and each night lasts 18 days. The Days present new lessons and actions, while the Nights integrate this new knowledge. The first Day and Night […]

Area Four: Ascension and the Lightbody

2011 – 2012 hold incredible possibility. The shift, jump time, evolutionary upgrades and ascension have been discussed for years in spiritual circles, and for millennia in ancient cultures. Waves of unique energy have been surging through our galaxy for decades, and the peak moment of opportunity is upon us. It’s fantastic to be here and […]

REmember yourself

Disharmony within humanity is the result of many ages of manipulation. It has led to a disharmonious relationship with our dear Mother Earth. In our natural human state, there is harmony. If we had been left to our own devices, the planet and our societies would be living in a loving, creative and harmonious state. […]

Dawn of the final wave

Today, March 9, marks the dawn of the final wave of the Mayan calendar; the last step on the evolutionary pyramid that has tracked life and consciousness on Earth for the last 16.4 billion years. The beginning of the previous (eighth) wave of the Mayan calendar was on January 4, 1999. I remember that month […]

The external world is a mirror of our internal world

Columbus Monkey discovering a new inner world Many lightworkers have noted changes in animals during the Shift. Peaceful encounters and connections happen in subtle – and not so subtle – synchronistic moments when we are in flow. As we deepen our multidimensional capabilities, take note:  animals and children react to our energy and the peaceful […]

Emotional Clearing techniques

Solar flare activity can kick emotions into high gear. The bursts of activation energies coming through our galaxy and our beloved Sun are often misunderstood. Change is what evolution is all about; conscious evolution is the choice to make it what you desire. Rather than feeling scrambled by these (often misunderstood) new visitors, you can […]