Private Sessions

Sandra assists ascending HUmans in private sessions focused on the expansion of consciousness and acceleration of the Ascension process. She provides assistance on the tasks of Self-empowerment, Self-realization and the journey to Crystalline consciousness with integrity, grace and unconditional love.

Private sessions provide clarity and direction for those participating in the Ascension process.

A few considerations before you book a session:

– This is NOT a psychic reading.
– Your confidentiality is honored. Transparency about your journey is encouraged.
– Sessions are 60 minutes in length via phone or Skype webcam.
– Please do not request a session if you are new to the Ascension process. If you are new to this work, take the Ascension Path online class for direction, clarity and a deeply comprehensive guide to the Ascension process.

NOTE: Private Sessions will return in February 2017.

Private Sessions via Phone or Skype – $222
60 minutes of personal guidance and clarity via Skype.

Ascension Path participant Session discount $177
60 minutes of personal guidance for anyone enrolled in Ascension Path via Skype.